Send in the choir, I’m listening!

This past week has been incredible with signs popping up every where I look.  It’s like a choir of angels singing loud and clear!  A few weeks ago I wrote a post called “Amp up those signs angels so I can see them” and that is exactly what is happening.  I keep seeing the number […]

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My first encounter with an angel…

Meditation is a daily practice and it does require practice, but it has become my favorite part of the day. I remember when I first started learning how to meditate, I didn’t enjoy it much. It seemed rather burdensome as I prepared my ritual of setting up candles, arranging my crystals, finding my headset, and […]

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M-O-N-E-Y what does it really stand for?

I was inspired to write this post after seeing my friends post on FB on what the acronym for money means.  For her, money means “my own natural energy yield”.  For me, the first thing that came to mind was the following: M – My O – Own N – New E – Energy Y […]

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