Living a Purpose and Passionate Life

For 27 years, I have created businesses doing what I love and designing the life I want to live.  Our businesses with the exception of Purpose and Passionate Living are all affiliated with the Weintraub Collection. Each business serves a niche audience where we share our unique gifts and talents.

Purpose and Passionate Living was created in 2014 with a desire to help others live a more purposeful passionate life.  It’s the website I created to support my book “I’m Not Afraid to Die but I’m Not Done Living” which was published in 2012 and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press. I’m also the founder of the “Live Your Best Life Speaker Series” which supports authors to get their voices heard.

Classy and Chic Makeup Boutiques was created in 2011 as a result of my passion for helping women look and feel beautiful for their special events.  I still love doing that and I have a team of artists I’ve trained who are exceptional makeup artists. I love giving them the opportunity to express their gifts and talents through my business.

Weintraub Photography was created in 1988 with my husband.  Photography has always been his passion and I always wanted to have our own business so we could raise a family and be there for our kids.  We were able to send them to great schools and live near the beach.  We were a full service studio located on Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach and served over 2,000 couples creating beautiful memories for life.  We became a home based business in 2011 where we enjoy serving our existing clientele who we love!

Our Time Studios will be released this year where we specialize in serving mature couples desiring special services for their events.  This niche group are celebrating significant times in their lives and we love to serve them.  Soon to be released….



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