Welcome to Purpose and Passionate Living…

Purpose and Passionate Living was inspired by my passion to help mentor others to create the life they choose to live.  You just need to have a focused intention followed by a diligent practice.  When you learn to connect with your divine source, follow your intuition and guidance, understand spiritual principles and the laws that govern the universe, life becomes less of a struggle as you align yourself with the highest vibration of who you truly are.  You activate a vibrational field of opportunities and abundance while the universe begins to work on your behalf.

By applying spiritual principles and tools for everyday living, you live in alignment with your higher purpose which helps to keep you on track at all times.  I consider myself an Intuitive Entrepreneur.  You may be asking yourself “what is an Intuitive Entrepreneur”?  “An Intuitive Entrepreneur is someone who uses intuition to fearlessly follow their passions doing what they love.”  When you love yourself and what you do to contribute to others, you’re not only living your passion but life becomes more purposeful simply because you’re happy.  Your “joy vibration” becomes a magnet to attracting abundance. You become a beneficial presence on the planet as you share your gifts and talents.

I like to “keep spirituality simple” knowing and affirming that God is my source and supply.  I never want to feel unplugged from my source so a daily practice is necessary to stay connected.  By understanding spiritual principles and how to use the tools necessary to stay on track, you can move forward more fearlessly with intent and passion.  We are born to create and reinvent ourselves just like the universe is always recreating and reinventing itself.  If you’re ready to make some big changes in your life, then you’re right where you need to be and there is no mistake that you’re reading this.

I hope I can inspire and teach you the tools that work for me that assist me with decision-making, overcoming challenges or obstacles and receive the guidance and inspiration to living a purposeful, passionate life!  My mission is to help bridge the gap between spirituality and real life so you can live congruent with your higher self and life purpose which leads to greater joy and happiness!

Always with gratitude and appreciation!

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