Hi there and welcome to my blog….XO

I am an Intuitive Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Passion Mentor.  I am the founder of the “Live Your Best Life” speaker series recently hosted at Unity of South Bay.  My intuitive abilities have helped me create a life doing what I love while applying spiritual principles and tools to everyday practical living.  After surviving a catastrophic event and life threatening surgery in 2007 my healing was nothing short of a miracle. Through my ability to connect with source energy, I was able to invoke the help of the angels and restore my body to whole and perfect health as well as transform my life.

Purpose and Passionate living is the spiritual platform I use to share my message!  It’s all about keeping “spirituality simple” while supporting and helping you live a more passionate and purposeful life. Spirituality does not have to be rocket science!   In fact, the more you surrender, the easier it becomes and life begins to flow with more grace and ease.  I am committed to teaching you through my own experiences how applying spiritual principles and tools on a daily basis can help you change your life.

While on my spiritual path, which began many years ago after my brother died, I became a seeker.  Every time I took a workshop, went to a retreat or read a book I would be highly inspired but then I found myself struggling to find easy ways to apply everything I learned and then life would take over.  So I began to apply simple spiritual tools and practices to keep me on track.  Then one day, when I was faced with a life threatening crisis, I was able to quickly access the tools and knowledge that I needed so desperately to save my own life. I didn’t have time to read a self help novel or book.  I had to quickly apply everything I had learned over the years and put them into practice.  I realized after surviving that life threatening challenge that the book I wrote was exactly what I needed to read at that time in my life. It’s short, sweet and a powerful message that by changing our mindset, we can change our life!

At the time, my life was going great!  My businesses were doing well, we had just bought my “tuscan villa” and I was driving my brand new “candy apply red” SUV.  Thank God I had the spiritual knowledge and tools to keep my mindset healthy and whole while enduring the journey as I’m a living miracle and evidence that there is truly a greater power working through all of us.  My book titled “I’m Not Afraid to Die but I’m Not Done Living”, 5 Essential Keys to Jumpstart Your Path to Healing, became the result of that challenge.  Its designed to help you get back on track to the path of living your life fully no matter what is in your current situation.  Life is constantly renewing and reinventing itself and so can YOU.  My mission is to support you through that process so you can live your life with more purpose and passion.

With heartfelt gratitude, I thank you for visiting my blog and I am committed to post whatever downloads I receive from Spirit and share them with you.  I know that the angels have guided you here and they want you to know that you are truly loved and blessed.  By the way if you see the number 444 a lot, it means that you are being surrounded by many angels.

Peace, Love and Angel Blessings!

Laura Weintraub,

To learn more about upcoming events, workshops, programs and retreats, email me at purposeandpassionateliving@gmail.com

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