Miracles are for real!

A Miracle
I am so happy for my soul daughter Juliane Renée who is off to India to the Oneness University to become a Oneness Trainer today. This is truly a miracle that I got to witness as well as support her through the process. Right from the moment of getting registered at the last-minute even though registration was closed to booking her airfare and acquiring the funds to go. Then to top it off, picking up her Visa the morning of her departure from the Indian Embassy to getting to the airport by noon was nothing but a series of miraculous synchronicity.

I just had to write about this topic as I love living life from this state of being. Experiencing miracles on an everyday basis can truly be a way of life. No matter what the outward appearances may look like, we are surrounded by a field of infinite possibilities. I know this truth from the depths of my soul as that is how I survived a life crisis. I know that all you need to do is turn to the light and tune in to the field of infinite possibilities.

What challenges or obstacles are you facing today that can change by simply changing your perception? What are the infinite possibilities that you can tune into to resolve your current situation? What do you have to do to think differently?

When you start recognizing all the mini miracles that are happening in your life along with the miracles that are happening for those who surround you, you begin to exercise your mind to become accustomed to believing in miracles. You begin to recognize them and as a result you begin to experience them more and more.

You actually align with the vibration of the infinite possibility that you desire and it magnetically gets attracted to you. You become one with it and it becomes one with you. As you maintain a positive mind-set that it truly is possible, it begins to take form and starts to show up as mini miracles as each piece of the puzzle begins to fit in place which is what I call synchronicity.

It’s truly a magical experience and you can live this way on a daily basis. Just take a look around you and see all the living miracles that are present in your life. Think about the miracles that have occurred in your loved ones lives and experience the joy and healing it brought them. Ponder the past and see all the miracles that took place in order to get you where you are today. Perhaps you don’t like where you’re at but you’re alive and that gives you the opportunity to experience miracles from this day forward.

I am a living miracle and so are you simply by the mere fact that you are alive in this time and space. So why not allow yourself to experience a miracle today by recognizing all the good that is coming into your life because you believe. You can tap into the field of infinite possibilities and have fun imagining the possibilities. I hope that when that miracle comes into fruition, you will write to me so I can share it! I love sharing my stories and yours as well so please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your miracle!

Much love and light to all of you who read my blog! So happy you stopped by for a visit!

Laura Weintraub
Intuitive Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Passion Mentor

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