M-O-N-E-Y what does it really stand for?

I was inspired to write this post after seeing my friends post on FB on what the acronym for money means.  For her, money means “my own natural energy yield”.  For me, the first thing that came to mind was the following:

M – My

O – Own

N – New

E – Energy

Y – Yield


I love acronyms as they help serve as a tool to remember the truth.  When it comes to money, we have to change our state of mind and shift whatever “limiting beliefs” we have about money.  We have to change our energy to a state of “joy” to open our hearts to receive more.  We have to create “new energy” to create “new results” in our lives.  So as you work on your energy, no matter what the circumstances are, you will increase your increase of money.  Yes, I used that word twice….to increase your money status you need to increase your energy.  Seriously, no matter how bad you feel, no matter how low your energy is, no matter what drama or crisis is happening in your life…get your booty out there and move your body!

I was recently faced with some major challenges concerning my beloved husband and his health.  My financial status was a concern as well as my own state of being.  So I decided to increase my daily walk to a daily walk/run from a half hour to an hour a day.  As I pounded against the pavement, I literally was pounding away any worry, doubt or fear I was experiencing as I reminded myself that everything is just a temporary situation.

I began to notice the outpouring of abundance from the universe, incredible support and money showing up out of nowhere to help support my family.  My husband’s recovery has been remarkable and everyday I continue to write in my gratitude journal everything I’m grateful for now and what I plan to be grateful for in the future as if it’s already happening.

In the first week of September, I have already made this months goal as I could hardly worked in August due to all the challenges I was facing.  I know that I will be in the overflow by next week as I increase my energy and allow all the good to come my way.

So if you think that all this positive mind stuff is unreal, think again!  I can assure you that it’s the real deal because I’m the real deal.  I’ll never forget what a former employer said to me when I was only 18 years old.  I was working for a property investor and managed over 150 of his units.  Yes, that’s a lot for an 18 year old.  Anyway, he said that “money is the easiest thing in the world to make” and he made a lot of it.  I’ve made lots of money and then there have been times when I have not.  Those have been the times when I am in “creation mode” yet I always have what I need to get me to the next phase of my souls evolution.  As soon as  I launch my new passions, I’m in the overflow!  It’s a really cool process and so exciting when it happens!

One of these days, I will share with you when I didn’t even realize I was a millionaire yet I was sitting on assets worth over a million.  That’s a funny story as I clearly had some limiting beliefs to change.  So, no matter what is going on in your life, remember its only a temporary situation and all you have to do is change your state of mind.

My spiritual teacher and mentor, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, reminds us that “miracles” are simply recognizing THAT which is already in your field of awareness.  Love it!!!

Now it’s time for me to go move my body and increase my income today.



Many blessings to all of you who read my blog!


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