You are sooooooooo loved!

Imagine having an entourage of invisible helpers always working together for your highest good helping you live life with more joy, love, peace, harmony, prosperity and abundance. Imagine having a cheerleading squad that jumps for joy every time you listen and follow your inner guidance. The angels love to be of service and await our call for help at any given moment.  I’ve come to know and experience this on a daily basis and I can assure you that it is real!   It gives me great joy to be an instrument for the angels to communicate through and teach others how to do it for themselves.  I know that as we awaken to our own true divinity we can be an inspiration to our circle of influence and that is what it’s going to take to heal every individual on this planet.  One person at a time, one moment at a time over and over again until it becomes a mass production.   As we learn to have more trust and faith in our invisible teachers and tune into their wonderful guidance and pay attention to the signs our lives become an act of faith and we allow more of the good that surrounds us to integrate into our daily life.  Life becomes easier, more joyous and a lot more fun as we witness the everyday mini miracles which are occurring at any given moment.  I’m simply fascinated by this phenomenon and overwhelmed with the love presence that surrounds each and every one of us. What I know for sure is that we are truly not alone, nor do I believe that God expects us to try to get through this life without any help.   So God created the angels to help us stay connected to the love source energy that created us which is God.  One last thing, just imagine something loving you so much that when you ask for help that love responds in ways greater than you can imagine for yourself.   The most important thing is not to be attached to the outcome, just know that the results will exceed your expectations and the blessings will be far more than you could have possibly thought of for yourself.  That’s how much you are loved!

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