How to ask your angels for help.

The angels love to help us but they can’t intervene unless you ASK. They can only intervene if it’s a life threatening situation or if it’s not your time. The law of “free will” allows us to ask for help anytime and our angels are always listening.   God gave us this wonderful law which helps us stay connected with our invisible helpers at all times.

All you have to do is ASK and ALLOW!

ASK your angels and let them know you need help regarding a situation, person or thing or you may ask for guidance on a particular issue. Sometimes you simply just want to know they are with you and you can ask them “what does God want me to know today”?
LISTEN to inspiring words of comfort, guidance and wisdom or perhaps a call to action. Be aware of your emotions and how you feel when you receive this guidance as this is your barometer letting you know that it’s true angelic guidance. The messages are always, gentle, loving and inspiring even if it’s not what you want to hear yet something inside you resonates with the message. The feelings may be warm and you may feel a tingle or butterflies in your stomach. You may even find yourself crying tears of joy as the feelings and words are so comforting. You may also receive your answers in dreams, visions, a gut feeling or a knowingness that resonates with you which feels just right. Ask the angels to communicate with you in ways that are easy to understand.  I’ll share some personal experiences as we get further along in this blog.
LET GO of any worries and be aware of any signs letting you know that your angels heard you. Don’t hesitate to ask for a sign if you need validation.  The angels love to let us know that they are with us and graciously have ways of giving us signs.
OPEN your heart and have faith that your request has been heard and your needs are being met. Most importantly, don’t keep asking over and over again as that’s like sending a message that you’re not being heard and you don’t want to block  the answers that you’re looking for.
WAIT and be patient. Everything happens in divine right timing and give thanks for the blessings as if it’s already done because it really is…you just can’t see the results yet. Also, let go of any expectations of what the outcome or result is supposed to look like. Remember, the angels know Gods plan for your life and what is in your highest good. Simply say “I know that God has the best in store for me and always exceeds my expectations in ways that I can’t even imagine for myself”! Wow, I just love how that statement feels! It makes me feel so loved!

ALLOW your invisible helpers to get to work and YOU get out-of-the-way. Get on with the business of the day…SMILE, BE HAPPY and get excited knowing that your needs are being met. TRUST and have FAITH that the universe is conspiring on your behalf.   Don’t try to control the outcome just LET GO and LET GOD…give yourself a break today…you don’t have to do “life” all by yourself.  Help is on the way because you are really, really loved…that is the essence of what we are made of therefore it can’t be anything other than what it is and that’s  LOVE!

I know that it’s hard especially if you’re in a crisis situation. Believe me I know…I’ll share my story in my book “I’m Not Afraid to Die but I’m Not Done Living”.  Right now, I want to get you started on the basic steps to invoking your angels.  Start focusing on everything GOOD around you moment by moment until you get through the day. Then keep doing this over and over again. This is inevitable because what you are doing is activating the “law of attraction”.  Embrace an “attitude of gratitude” for everything around you including the smallest of things.  This will help to distract your attention from the problem or issue at hand and shift your perception.  If you find yourself beginning to worry, practice this exercise over and over again, moment by moment until you feel better.  Keep reminding yourself that all is well and repeat this statement “I know that God has the best in store for me and always exceeds my expectations in ways that I can’t even imagine for myself”.  You’re on your way to a better day!

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