I love to use acronyms as a tool to help me to remember spiritual principles.  So I created this one for the word “ASK” which reminds me why it’s okay for me to ask for help.  Remember to keep spirituality simple, we don’t have to try to figure out everything ourselves.  When we learn to ASK for help, we don’t have to worry about the HOW, we simply need to take inspired action as our angels will immediately begin to orchestrate the best outcome on our behalf.  All you have to do is affirm, “I know that God is exceeding my expectations” and let go. Don’t be attached to the outcome as that is not your job.  This is based on the Law of Detachment.  You are giving permission to a higher source to help guide you to the best solution and outcome and you simply have to take inspired action when prompted.  So in other words, don’t just kick back and do nothing.  Listen to the subtle hints and nudges to take action in a certain direction and the rest will flow with synchronicity.

It’s a lot easier to ask our team of invisible helpers based on the Law of Free Will, and invite them into our lives.  There is never any task to big or too small that they are not willing to help us with but you have to remember to ASK in order to activate this spiritual law.

A – Allow something greater than yourself to intervene and help you
S – Spirit IS your source and supply
K – Know that it is done

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