Monthly Archives: July 2014

You are sooooooooo loved!

Imagine having an entourage of invisible helpers always working together for your highest good helping you live life with more joy, love, peace, harmony, prosperity and abundance. Imagine having a cheerleading squad that jumps for joy every time you listen and follow your inner guidance. The angels love to be of service and await our […]

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How to ask your angels for help.

The angels love to help us but they can’t intervene unless you ASK. They can only intervene if it’s a life threatening situation or if it’s not your time. The law of “free will” allows us to ask for help anytime and our angels are always listening.   God gave us this wonderful law which […]

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I love to use acronyms as a tool to help me to remember spiritual principles.  So I created this one for the word “ASK” which reminds me why it’s okay for me to ask for help.  Remember to keep spirituality simple, we don’t have to try to figure out everything ourselves.  When we learn to […]

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